Asterisk Call Detail Record

Asterisk is a great open-source PBX (private branch exchange) especially for VoIP telephone infrastructures. Asterisk is able to save its CDR (call detail records) to different storage location, such as CSV-File, MySQL database or SQLite database. This project provides a webinterface for CDR’s saved to a SQLite database. It is using Aspen, a Python Web-Framework to archive this.Asterisk Call Detail Record


The server side of Asterisk Call Detail Records, in short ACDR, is written in Python. ACDR uses the SQLite2 database which is generated by the Module of Asterisk. By default, the database is located under /var/log/asterisk/cdr.db. Make sure you enabled these module and your database is being generated.

On the other side, the web framework Aspen serves the pages to the client. Aspen also includes a small, production ready, web server, so no apache or whatsoever is required to run ACDR.

In addition, Asterisk Call Detail Records includes great open-source software to provide a nice user experience: The interface uses the so-called AJAX technology, which is heavily supported by these two projects:

The libraries are included in the deployment, you don’t need to download them.


Using Ubuntu you can install the needed dependencies using apt-get. Aspen is available through the Python Package Installer.

$ sudo apt-get install python-sqlite python-pip
$ sudo pip install aspen

Get the current version (0.1) directly from

$ mkdir acdr && cd acdr
$ wget -O acdr.tar.gz
$ tar -xvzf acdr.tar.gz --strip 1
$ aspen

You can now point your Browser to http://localhost:8080/ to get the web interface. Inside the distribution a small demo database is included. You can edit .aspen/acdr/acdr.conf to point to your real database.

Source code

Source code is available as a GIT-Repository on


Source is provided under the terms of the MIT-licence.

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